Why Become a Festiva Owner?

Festiva Hospitality Group offers the very best in vacation ownership by giving you the opportunity to vacation to fabulous resorts with the amenities that you deserve. No more searching for hotels at reasonable rates or wondering if there will be enough activities to keep you and your family busy. Vacation ownership offers simplicity and flexibility, allowing you to design your vacations through the years as your needs and desires change.

Other benefits of vacation ownership include:

  • Having equity in a vacation ownership interval for a lifetime - it's yours!
  • Using your interval each year, loaning it to family or friends, or exchanging it to one of thousands of locations all over the world.
  • The assurance of knowing that your property will be professionally maintained year after year.
  • Guaranteeing yourself a lifetime of vacations - at an affordable cost.

Through vacation ownership, you'll have the opportunity to save money and experience top notch vacations.

Enjoy your new tradition!

"It's like paying for tomorrow's vacations with today's dollars."
---Wall Street Journal

"Timesharing or vacation ownership is one of the fastest growing segments in the vacation industry."
---Atlanta Journal Constitution

"It's probably the next best thing to a second home, but not nearly as expensive."
---Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Timeshares are now very, very hot."
---Los Angeles Times

"Interval ownership is an attractive vacation alternative and comes with another perk: exchange privileges."
---Ski Magazine

"Exchange companies now make it easy for timeshare owners to go anywhere they want."
---Investor's Business Daily

"Owner satisfaction continues to increase, and owners are now purchasing a second and third week."
---Dan DeBat, Nationally Syndicated Columnist