Why Become a Festiva Member?

Festiva offers the very best in vacation membership by giving you the opportunity to vacation at fabulous resorts with the amenities that you deserve. No more searching for hotels at reasonable rates or wondering if there will be enough activities to keep you and your family busy. Vacation membership offers simplicity and flexibility, allowing you to design your vacations through the years, as your needs and desires change.

Other benefits of vacation membership include:

  • Having equity in a vacation membership interval for a lifetime - it's yours!
  • Using your interval each year, loaning it to family or friends, or exchanging to your choice of locations all over the world
  • The assurance of knowing that your property will be professionally maintained year after year.
  • A lifetime of self-guaranteed vacations - all at today’s prices
  • Discounted Nightly Rates at Festiva's Family of Resorts.

Member Benefits Include:

100% Risk Free Deposit

Search the available inventory and plan your trip before you give up your week/points

Vacation Exchange

Exchange any timeshare week you own... not just your Festiva Adventure Club points

RTX's Resort Network

RTX's Resort Network

Unlimited resort access through Search Anywhere, RTX's resort developer network

Low Exchange Rates

Low Exchange Rates

Low $117 exchange fee on both domestic and international exchanges


Festiva has partnered with Resort Travel & Xchange (RTX) to offer a new and exciting exchange benefit to all Festiva Adventure Club members.

Premium Plus Membership

With Festiva’s affiliate company RTX, your vacation isn’t limited to just the resorts and hotels owned by Festiva. As a member of the Festiva Adventure Club, your complementary Premium Plus Membership offers a better way to exchange your timeshare points to enjoy your vacation virtually anywhere in the world. This membership was designed to solve exchange challenges our members have experienced in the past. No more giving up your points in advance in hopes of getting the destination of your choice. No more spending money on multiple memberships and excessive exchange fees just to get the benefits you want. And no more losing out on vacations because of banked points that expire before you can use them. Your Premium Plus Membership solves these issues while providing you with all your travel and exchange benefits under a single membership program. Your Premium Plus Membership is yet another way the Festiva Adventure Club will make your vacations more memorable for years to come.

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Voyages by RTX

Membership entitles you to some of the best travel discounts available on a range of vacation and travel products, from Preferred Resort properties and cruises to airfare and car rental. As a member of the Festiva Adventure Club, your automatic membership to Voyages by RTX affords you:

  • 50% off of the advertised nightly room rate any time you choose to visit one of 21 Preferred Resort properties
  • Some of the best deals available on attractions, excursions, golf, recreation and dining.
  • Savings on cruises with a wide range of itineraries.
  • Discounted rates on rental cars, airfare and even last-minute vacations.